Unethical Welley Corporation

Why Welley Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is an Unethical Company

Welley Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is only a company by name. Its operations reeks of scam and fraudulent activities. In this page I will list the reasons why Welley Corporation is an unethical organisation and deserve to be brought down.

Reasons why Welley Corporation Sdn. Bhd. business practices are unethical:

  • False pretense of approach
    • Welley Corporation reps often approach potential victims under the pretense of conducting a survey
  • Will never disclose the fact that they are selling anything
    • They will bring you to their nearest “office” and reveal this fact after conning you into agreeing to their “terms and conditions”
  • Their “lucky draws” are rigged and unaudited
    • Virtually all coupons are “winning entries”, however, none are for the “top prizes”
    • After successfully conning you into unveiling your “winning coupon”, Welley Corporation reps will immediately say that you’ve qualified for a “special draw”, which of course you will “win” again. Most victims will realised they’ve been conned at this stage.

Welley Corporation not only scams in its operations, it also lures youths to join them through active recruitment. They often advertise for marketing agents, but soon, many people realise that Welley Corporation Sdn Bhd is nothing more but a scam operation disguised as a company.

More often than not, the only people Welley Corporation recruits are gangster thugs who are stupid enough to join a crime syndicate.

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