Welley Corporation Is Now Officially An Illegal Organisation

04 Dec 2007

In what is a move that is long overdue, scratch and win contests, which is Welley Corporation’s modus operandi has been banned in Malaysia. Here is the full article which is published on The Star:

PUTRAJAYA: Scratch-and-win contests, normally used by direct selling companies to deceive consumers into buying their goods, have been banned with immediate effect.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal, in announcing this today, said the trade gimmick, which has spread to the rural areas, was banned because it was harmful to consumers, many of whom had been deceived into buying substandard goods.

Speaking to reporters after attending the ministry’s monthly assembly here today, he said a total of 6,903 complaint cases were filed with the Consumer Claims Tribunal in the first 10 months of this year.

The highest number of 1,393 cases were related to scratch-and-win contests, followed by 529 cases which involved vehicle purchases.

One of the scam’s victims Satilah Mahmood, who lost RM27,000 this year, welcomed the move.

“My family is now saddled with debts. It is not that I can get back my money, but at least other people will not fall victim to such scams anymore,” said the 42-year-old civil servant from Johor Baru.

The syndicate had called Satilah’s home in February telling her that she was in the running to win home theatre systems, massage chairs and even cars.

Her family deposited money in instalments to the company, and they received the home theatre system and a massage chair. Both broke down within weeks of delivery.

She never saw her money again, nor the people who took her money as they had moved out of their rented office lot.

As much as this is good news, I’m still wary of Welley Corporation’s criminal activities. I’m very sure that they will use other other tactics to get pass the law. They are known to be a group of scheming, conniving and lying thieves.

I’m hoping that the authorities will just proceed and shut this organisation down for good and put the criminals behind this scam group behind bars for a very long time.

And until Welley Corporation is dead and buried, rest assured that Welley Corporation Watch will always be around exposing these criminals.

Welley Corporation Scam Subsidiaries’ Offices Raided

18 Jul 2007

If you watched TV3′s Buletin Utama at 8:00pm last night (17 July 2007), you’ll see that Welley Corporation’s subsidiary company, Ezono Network Sdn Bhd in Kuantan was among those that got raided by KPDNHEP for scamming.

If you can read Bahasa Malaysia, then you can read the press statement here.

Kudos go to KPDNHEP Pahang for their action. Hopefully the KPDNHEP divisions throughout Malaysia will follow in their footsteps and eradicate these bloodsucking scammers for good!

Latest Welley Corporation Scamming Subsidiaries: Ezono Network and Penzone Marketing

24 Apr 2007

I’ve received lots of comments and emails regarding this two companies; Ezono Network Sdn Bhd and Penzone Marketing Sdn Bhd. Both are confirmed Welley Corporation scam subsidiaries.

If you happen to be visitied by any of their scamming agents, chase them away! Warn all your neighbours and friends about these scammers. Don’t forget to ask them to visit Welley Corporation Watch for more information.

Together, we can bring down Welley Corporation Sdn Bhd and its scamming subsidiaries. The more people know about their scams, the less room they have to operate.

If any of Welley Corporation Watch visitors have the corporate registration information about these two companies, please email them to me. I will publish them here for others to see.

Beware: Welley Corporation Recruiting Scammers

24 Apr 2007

I received the following email from LWC, and find it worth publishing. It seems that scamming Welley Corporation is recruiting more scammers for its operations.

If you are looking for a job, do not apply from Welley Corporation as they only recruit people to do their scamming businesses.

You might make money, but your life will be hell! Heaven forbid, some pissed off people might even contemplate doing bad things to you and your property.

You have been warned!

Hi there hope the info i provided its useful to u

Welley Marketing Sdn Bhd
7 & 9 Lorong Tembikai 8
Kawasan Perniagaan Sungai Rambai
14000 Bukit Mertajam
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 60-4-5300775
Fax: 60-4-5395472

Agent number is 017-4173308 and 019-4963558

They have this advertisement in a Chinese newspaper stating that they want to hire sales person for thier company.

I even went to this address myself just to make sure and yes they are there.

There are 4 shop house (2 storey) all under this Welley Marketing and the number is a working number i already called them on the pretext of asking for a job.

Hope it helps.

It definitely helps. Bear in mind that Welley Corporation doesn’t do sales. Their business is scam! Hopefully more people will realise this and stay away from Welley Corporation.

List Of Known Welley Corporation Brands

06 Apr 2007

This is the list of known brand names of Welley Corporation scam products:

  • Genki
  • D-Tech
  • Yusho
  • Shinkawa
  • Kenko
  • Nakachima

If anybody comes to your house and tries to sell products with brands named above, chances are he or she is a Welley Corporation scammer. If you have dogs, unleash them onto the scammer; if not, chase them out of your house as quickly as you can.

All Welley Corporation products are cheaplow quality Chinese imports where the production methods are questionable. And they are definitely not even worth 10% of what the Welley Corporation scammers are trying to sell them to you for!

Get your friends and family to read this page as well as Wijaya Watch in general. Remember, the next victim of Welley Corporation’s scratch and win scam might be your loved one!

Confirmed: Wellnic Supply Is Yet Another Welley Corp Scamming Subsidiary

05 Mar 2007

I’ve been liaising with aisya, who shared her experience here. She has provided me with useful information about Wellnic Supply, which I’m sharing here:

Company Name: Wellnic Supply Sdn Bhd
Company No: 690475-P
Registration Date: 5 May 2005

No suprise where the registered address is:

ROOM B, 456-A,

Trading address information is as follows:


Directors and officers information are as follows:

Name / Address NRIC Number Position Appointment Date
791110-08-5070 Director 5 May 2005
830301-12-5070 Director 5 May 2005
13700 PERAI.
720909-08-6092 Secretary 5 May 2005

And in case you’re wondering how people in their early to mid 20s can form such a successful scam company, let me share with you what I’ve discovered. These kids are, in my opinion, are (or were?) mere pawns in the scamming game of Welley Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd.

If you want to know the real powers behind this scam organisation, check out these people.

Credit Card Scam Attempt by Glotron Marketing

30 Nov 2006

I got the following email from Premnath:


On Nov 26, 2006 at 5pm , I happen to be one of the latest prey by this marketting company, if not for my sister who is alert on this kind of issue i might have fall into this trap as well.

Current address of this company ;

Glotron Marketing Sdn Bhd,
12-1, Lorong Tiara 1A,
Bandar Baru Klang.
Tel/Fax: 33438699.

Merchant ID: 1116696475


They visit your house in the pretext of doing some survey on shopping products, afterwhich they will ask you to pick a card to decide on what you’re about to get. I had to pay RM 6977 in order to qualify /be in the run fr a either a car, mattress or cash ..

The guy managed to persuade me to visit their office to verify if my credit card is has available funds to get further approval . Once they swipe my car in the pretext of checking if my card is able to swipe for RM 6970.00 , they would ask you to sign on the sales slip. They are so persistent & insisting me to do it , had a tough time getting out of that situation. Hope this be a great lesson to me , and to inform others out there do not fall into such scam ,this ppl are all out to make fast money and run away from us. I wonder why is it our government so ignorant or maybe its just their “tidak apa attitude” of our authorities. Middles class people are the most affected ones out of this.

“One man’s meat another man poison.”

It’s obvious that these Welley Corporation bastards are getting more and more dangerous! Swiping credit cards to “check for available balance”. The authorities and credit card issuing companies should be more proactive in dealing with such situations.

I tend to agree with Premnath, this “tidak apa attitude” (uncaring attitude) from the authorities and improper screening of merchants by Malaysian banks contribute to the current horrible state of affairs when it comes to these scamming companies like Welley Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd.

I’d like to suggest that scam victims unite and lodge a report to Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide against banks who fail to protect customers’ rights for credit card transactions.

More Information and Pictures on Welley Corporation Scammers

20 Jul 2006

I’ve gotten the following informative pictures via an anonymous insider within Welley Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd itself. It gives an idea on how this scam network works. There are some very familiar “affiliate companies” that are part of Welley Corporation.

Welley Corporation (M) Scam Chiefs
From Left: Vice President of Scam (Koh Wei Leong), Chief Scamming Officer (Alan Tan), Chief Executive Scammer (William Tang), Vice President of Scam (Tan Chiang Hak), Vice President of Scam Development (Beh Hock Seng), Vice President of Scam Communications (Gary Chan).

Welley Corporation (M) Scam Centre Supervisors
Supervisors of some of Welley Corporation Scam Centres.

Welley Corporation top scammers
Welley Corporation top scammers.

Words from Welley Corporation Scammers
More bullshit talk from the top scammers.

Welley Corporation (M) Scam Peddlers
Some of the scam product peddlers employed by Welley Corporation. Note the company names and avoid them like the plague!

Scam supervisors of Welley Corporation (1)
Scam peddlars promoted to become scam supervisors.

Scam supervisors of Welley Corporation (2)
Continued: Scam peddlars promoted to become scam supervisors.

Scam supervisors of Welley Corporation (3)
Continued: Scam peddlars promoted to become scam supervisors.

Glotron Chased Out of Bandar Tasik Kesuma

05 Jul 2006

I got the following email from Liana Sari;


On Saturday 1 July 2006, about 3.15pm, a Chinese guy came to my house at Bandar Tasik Kesuma, Beranang Selangor, knocking my sliding door (at that time my gate was closed but unlocked). My husband attended him and he started his story about a survey and bla…bla…bla.

At that time I was taking a nap at the tv area and I heard he said my husband have just won RM1.5 million. Then he started to ask for information. I got up and told the Chinese guy to leave my house as I don’t like the way he entered my premises without asking for permission. He still continue and requested to borrow my husband’s mobile phone to make a call.

I told my husband to ignore this guy as I’ve heard from my sister about this company, previously called Wijaya Marketing. This Chinese guy was so stuborn and refused to leave and kept trying to convince me. I told him to stop the conversation and leave my house…if not I’ll call the Beranang Police Station. I repeated and shouted a few times before he finally leave my house. Before doing so, he said “You ingat you sorang saje kenal polis ke” (English translation: “Don’t think that only you know police officers”).

I immediately called Beranang Police Station and requested police officer to come to my area to get this guy out from our area. I got full cooperation from Balai Polis Beranang to assist me to save my neighbours from being cheated. Below are the details that I managed to get :-

Glotron Marketing (AJL 931580) (688425-X)
5B, Jalan Kenari 6, Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong, Selangor

Agent name : Chin Kiat Yong
Vehicle: Black Toyota Unser (PFX 7081)

So, friends out there, be alert about this company…GLOTRON. If they come to your area, immediately call the police to get them out from your area.

Thanks Liana for the email. It’s very informative.

If you see any Welley Corp bastards in your area, inform the police ASAP and chase them out of your area like the scamming dogs that they are.

Jozh Chong: Welley Marketing Scamming Executive

19 Jun 2006

I’m not sure if Jozh Chong is his real name. He’s using limteiktsung@yahoo.co.uk as his email address. Probably Lim Teik Tsung is becoming too infamous, so he had to use Jozh Chong. You know life can be pretty hard when your job is to scam people.

Anyway, the important thing is that here at Wijaya Watch, we have an exclusive photo gallery of this scammer. He’s one of Welley Corporation’s scam leader. Now you’ll know what to do when you see this bastard in your area.

Jozh Chong: Welley Marketing Scamming Executive
Scamming must be a good business, Jozh looks pretty much as healthy as a pig.

Jozh Chong: Welley Marketing Scamming Executive
How he looks like without the sunglasses. Beware!

Jozh Chong: Welley Marketing Scamming Executive
Jozh showing us what he wants to do with his scamming income. Every cent you pass to him and his scamming colleagues at Welley Corporation is contributing to making him rich with illegal money. Must say his drawings are pretty nice… if it was drawn by a three year old!

Jozh Chong: Welley Marketing Scamming Executive
Jozh with his scam awards.

Jozh Chong: Welley Marketing Scamming Executive
Jozh and his scamming Welley Corporation team.

Jozh Chong: Welley Marketing Scamming Executive
Jozh and his fellow Welley Corporation scam leaders.

To all Welley Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd and subsidiaries employees… I will find out about you, and rest assured that you will be exposed as the scammers that you are.

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