Pictures Of Nabinco Network Scammers In Kajang Prima

08 May 2008

Welley Corporation Sdn Bhd continues to illegally operate their scratch and win scams. This time they have activated another proxy company to scam unsuspecting people; Nabinco Network Sdn Bhd (Co. reg no 734447-X, AJL no 931732734447-X).

Below are pictures of their branch in Kajang Prima along with the typical ah bengs and ah lians that are employed by Welley Corporation.

Nabinco Network Kajang Prima Office – On top of the car spare parts shop

Nabinco Network Kajang Prima Office – Stairs leading to the scam den

Nabinco Network Kajang Prima Office – Entrance to the Welley Corporation scam subsidiary premises

Nabinco Network Kajang Prima Scamming Ah Beng

Nabinco Network Kajang Prima Scammers Looking for Victims

More Nabinco Network Kajang Prima Scammers

Do not waste any time with these Welley Corporation scammersThey are out to cheat you out of your hard earned cash! Also warn your friends and family members of their operations.

Welley Corporation Taman Desa Tebrau Raid Video

10 Jan 2008

Welley Corporation’s premises in Taman Desa Tebrau, Johor was raided by KPDNHEP some time in late December 2007. The best thing is that this operation was covered by TV3’s popular 999 program. Check it out here:

Thanks to suamisoleh for uploading it on YouTube.

See the true colours of these Welley Corporation cheating bastards and why they should be brought down as fast as possible.

Congrats to KPDNHEP for finally taking action against this bastards scammers.

New Welley Corporation Scam Proxy: Worldwide Freshway Sdn Bhd

04 Oct 2007

We have received confirmed reports that Welley Corporation scam shops formerly knowned as Penzone Marketing Sdn Bhd have now been renamed to Worldwide Freshway Sdn Bhd.

Do not be fooled by the name change, this company are still run by the same bastards behind Welley Corporation Sdn Bhd, the parent company.

Therefore, their products, modus-operandi and tactics will remain the same. It’s the same scam just under a new name. Please warn your friends and family members about these scammers.

Don’t Trust Welley Corporation Scammers To “Re-Sell” Their Products

04 Jun 2007

I’ve read here many, many times how Welley Corporation scamming staff promised to re-sell their scam products, on behalf of victims.

Do not believe this nonsense! They will of course “re-sell” their cheap Chinese imports, but as prizes to the next victimYou will never see a single cent from the proceeds.

This is yet another way how they scam their victims multiple times over:

  1. Offer lucky draw (scratch and win) coupons
  2. Victim will win their product
  3. Offer a second round coupon
  4. Victim will again win more stupid Welley Corporation products
  5. Will offer to re-sell the useless Welley Corporation products

At the end of the day, you will lose not only your money to their scams… more victims will then be sold the “prizes” you so-called won.

My advise is to take the stupid Welley Corporation items, lodge a police report and Tribunal case. Then, wait for your hearing, which you’ll win anyway because KPDNHEP already knows about these scammers (but why they never take the initiative to bring these bastards down is a mystery).

However, do not use any of those products! Just keep them “as is”.

Hope this helps victims of Welley Corporation out there.

Jangan Percaya Penyangak-Penyangak Welley Corporation Yang Kononnya Ingin “Menjual Semula” Produk Mereka

04 Jun 2007

Saya telah membaca pelbagai kisah dimana penyangak-penyangak Welley Corporation berjanji untuk menjual semula barangan penipuan mereka bagi pihak mangsa.

Saya ingin mengingatkan anda agar tidak mempercayai temberang mereka ini! Sudah pasti mereka akan “menjual semula” barangan murahan China mereka, tetapi sebagai “hadiah” untuk mangsa-mangsa seterusnyaAnda kemudiannya tidak akan mendapat walau sesen pun dari hasil jualan ini.

Ini hanyalah salah satu cara bagaimana Welley Corporation menipu mangsa-mangsa mereka secara berturutan:

  1. Menawarkan kupon cabutan bertuah (gores dan menang)
  2. Mangsa akan memenangi produk mereka
  3. Menawarkan kupon cabutan bertuah pusingan kedua
  4. Mangsa akan sekali lagi memenangi produk-produk bodoh Welley Corporation
  5. Penyangak Welley Corporation akan menawarkan untuk menjual semula produk-produk tak berguna mereka

Akhirnya, anda bukan sahaja kehilangan wang ringgit kepada taktik penipuan mereka… malah lebih ramai mangsa-mangsa akan “memenangi” produk-produk yang kononnya merupakan “hadiah” anda.

Nasihat saya ialah untuk mengambil sahaja produk-produk bodoh Welley Corporation itu, buat laporan polis dan kemudiannya memfailkan tuntutan ke Tribunal. Kemudian, tunggu tarikh pendengaran anda, yang anda akan menang lagipun kerana KPDNHEP sudah pun tahu mengenai penipu-penipu ini (tapi mengapa mereka tidak mengambil inisiatif untuk mendakwa anak-anak haram ini merupakan sebuah misteri).

Walaubagaimanapun, jangan guna produk-produk itu! Simpanlah ia “seadanya”.

Saya berharap maklumat ini dapat membantu mangsa-mangsa Welley Corporation.

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