Don’t Trust Welley Corporation Scammers To “Re-Sell” Their Products

04 Jun 2007

I’ve read here many, many times how Welley Corporation scamming staff promised to re-sell their scam products, on behalf of victims.

Do not believe this nonsense! They will of course “re-sell” their cheap Chinese imports, but as prizes to the next victimYou will never see a single cent from the proceeds.

This is yet another way how they scam their victims multiple times over:

  1. Offer lucky draw (scratch and win) coupons
  2. Victim will win their product
  3. Offer a second round coupon
  4. Victim will again win more stupid Welley Corporation products
  5. Will offer to re-sell the useless Welley Corporation products

At the end of the day, you will lose not only your money to their scams… more victims will then be sold the “prizes” you so-called won.

My advise is to take the stupid Welley Corporation items, lodge a police report and Tribunal case. Then, wait for your hearing, which you’ll win anyway because KPDNHEP already knows about these scammers (but why they never take the initiative to bring these bastards down is a mystery).

However, do not use any of those products! Just keep them “as is”.

Hope this helps victims of Welley Corporation out there.

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