Modus Operandi of Welley Corporation Proxy Companies / Scam Subsidiaries

Scamming Tricks of Welley Corporation

Welley Corporation distributes its low quality scam wares by cheating people. Of course, Welley Corporation calls this “marketing”, but the whole world knows it’s a scam! Welley Corporation uses tens of disposable proxy companies that they get rid off when things get too hot. Therefore, as soon as you discovered you’re scammed, take action ASAP!

The tactics used by Welley Corporation reps are very deceptive and convincing. The blatantly misleading approach that is their modus operandi are as follows:

  1. Approach the victims’ homes under the pretense of conducting a market survey.
  2. Proceed to ask questions regarding the victims’ preferred brands of electronic devices. The rep will seemingly jot down notes regarding your answers.
  3. The rep will then “thank” you by giving you a small card where you’re required to write down your name and telephone number.
  4. Upon handing back the card to the rep, he/she will say that the card can be opened to reveal either:
    • A “Terima Kasih” (Thank You) message
    • A “Special Gift”
  5. The victim is then asked to open the card by tearing along the “cut lines” to reveal what’s inside
  6. In every recorded instance, the card is always contains a “Special Gift” image containing pictures of cars, large screen TV sets, motorcycles and travel destinations
  7. Then the acting begins! In an act worthy of an Oscar nomination, the rep will excitedly jump up and down while congratulating the victim. In adition, he/she will do the following:
    • Make a call to a “supervisor” saying that he has a “winner”.
    • The “supervisor” will then ask to speak to the victim to confirm that the rep did not “cheat”.
    • The rep will end the call and ask the victim to promise him/her to “belanja” (treat) when the victim wins the grand prizes.
    • Will hug and thank the victim for being “lucky” and mentioning that they will receive a “commission” whenever a victim “wins” something.
  8. The rep will want to explain the whole process in detail while waiting for the arrival of the “supervisor” to explain the process more fully
  9. Soon, the “supervisor” will arrive or the victim will be asked to go to their “office” where the “supervisor” is waiting.
  10. The reps will ask the victim to “use” some of their products and promote it to friends and family members.
  11. The reps will then show the victim the products and “test” it out.
  12. While the victim is “testing” the products, the reps will go through the “prize list” and show the potential prizes. Details of the “prize list” are as follows:
    • A piece of black and white photocopied paper, usually seasoned and unclear
    • May contain scribbles near the top and bottom areas
    • Contains a list of approximately 10 to 16 items
    • The “Top 3″ prizes consists of cars, motorcycles and/or projection TVs
    • The “Bottom 3″ prizes consists of 10 day travel packages to international destinations, which the rep will say can be immediately be converted to cash since most people cannot go on 10 day holidays
    • The rep will explain only the “Top 3″ and “Bottom 3″ prizes and will discard the list as soon as he/she is finished
    • The rep will ask the victim to agree to take “promotional pictures” when he/she “wins the big prizes”
  13. The reps will then ask you about the products you’re testing.
  14. Only then the reps will explain about the “benefits” of the products and how it is of “good quality”. Bear in mind that the victim can only “test” the smaller electronic products.
  15. The reps will then ask the victim to purchase the products at a “discounted rate” and try it out to the fullest.
  16. Most victims will be hesitant, but the reps will sweet talk them with promises of “guarantees”, “money back” and “full support”
  17. For women and those the scammers feel are vulnerable, the Welley Corporation reps have been said to use “strong arm” tactics such as keeping them in the small, cold room to “think about it”. Most victims will start to feel the psychological blow at this stage
  18. Victims are then asked to “purchase” the products at RM2,997 with a credit card “to keep it simple”. The scammers have a preference for Hong Leong credit cards.
  19. The scammers have never been reported to use credit card scanners, and usually will do the transaction authorisation via mobile phone.
  20. The final transaction will be higher than RM2,997 due to “credit card charges”
  21. Once the credit card transaction is cleared, it’s time to “unveil” the “prize”
  22. Victims will be asked to peel open the sticker covering the “prize”.
  23. At that crucial moment, they will beg the victim to promise to treat them to lunch/dinner/breakfast when the victims “win”. There are reports that they will “pray” and “hope for luck”.
  24. When the prize is finally revealed; it is always a product that Welley Corporation produces themselves.
  25. The reps will then have the cheek to ask the victim whether he/she wants to take a “promotional picture” with the “prize” just “won”.

That’s Not All! The Second Scam Will Now Take Place

At this stage, most victims will feel bad! Imagine, you’ve just forked out more than RM3,000 just to “win” a product that’s worth RM200 the most. A majority of people will realise that something has gone very, very wrong! We would expect a fellow human being to be sympathetic to what has just occurred. However, it’s obvious that the people working for Welley Corporation are trained to be heartless bastards (perhaps it’s even a condition of employment).

The scammers will then make a phone call to their “boss” and say that it’s not a “big prize”. They will then show a disappointed face and say that the “boss” says that the cannot get comissions for the prize the victim has just “won”.

However, there is a “second round” draw where the prizes are similar to the earlier “lucky draw”. The scammers will ask the victim to pick another card from a set of five. Needless to say, it will again be a “winning card” and the process stated above would repeat.

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