Latest Welley Corporation Scamming Subsidiaries: Ezono Network and Penzone Marketing

I’ve received lots of comments and emails regarding this two companies; Ezono Network Sdn Bhd and Penzone Marketing Sdn Bhd. Both are confirmed Welley Corporation scam subsidiaries.

If you happen to be visitied by any of their scamming agents, chase them away! Warn all your neighbours and friends about these scammers. Don’t forget to ask them to visit Welley Corporation Watch for more information.

Together, we can bring down Welley Corporation Sdn Bhd and its scamming subsidiaries. The more people know about their scams, the less room they have to operate.

If any of Welley Corporation Watch visitors have the corporate registration information about these two companies, please email them to me. I will publish them here for others to see.

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