List Of Known Welley Corporation Brands

This is the list of known brand names of Welley Corporation scam products:

  • Genki
  • D-Tech
  • Yusho
  • Shinkawa
  • Kenko
  • Nakachima

If anybody comes to your house and tries to sell products with brands named above, chances are he or she is a Welley Corporation scammer. If you have dogs, unleash them onto the scammer; if not, chase them out of your house as quickly as you can.

All Welley Corporation products are cheaplow quality Chinese imports where the production methods are questionable. And they are definitely not even worth 10% of what the Welley Corporation scammers are trying to sell them to you for!

Get your friends and family to read this page as well as Wijaya Watch in general. Remember, the next victim of Welley Corporation’s scratch and win scam might be your loved one!

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