Credit Card Scam Attempt by Glotron Marketing

I got the following email from Premnath:


On Nov 26, 2006 at 5pm , I happen to be one of the latest prey by this marketting company, if not for my sister who is alert on this kind of issue i might have fall into this trap as well.

Current address of this company ;

Glotron Marketing Sdn Bhd,
12-1, Lorong Tiara 1A,
Bandar Baru Klang.
Tel/Fax: 33438699.

Merchant ID: 1116696475


They visit your house in the pretext of doing some survey on shopping products, afterwhich they will ask you to pick a card to decide on what you’re about to get. I had to pay RM 6977 in order to qualify /be in the run fr a either a car, mattress or cash ..

The guy managed to persuade me to visit their office to verify if my credit card is has available funds to get further approval . Once they swipe my car in the pretext of checking if my card is able to swipe for RM 6970.00 , they would ask you to sign on the sales slip. They are so persistent & insisting me to do it , had a tough time getting out of that situation. Hope this be a great lesson to me , and to inform others out there do not fall into such scam ,this ppl are all out to make fast money and run away from us. I wonder why is it our government so ignorant or maybe its just their “tidak apa attitude” of our authorities. Middles class people are the most affected ones out of this.

“One man’s meat another man poison.”

It’s obvious that these Welley Corporation bastards are getting more and more dangerous! Swiping credit cards to “check for available balance”. The authorities and credit card issuing companies should be more proactive in dealing with such situations.

I tend to agree with Premnath, this “tidak apa attitude” (uncaring attitude) from the authorities and improper screening of merchants by Malaysian banks contribute to the current horrible state of affairs when it comes to these scamming companies like Welley Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd.

I’d like to suggest that scam victims unite and lodge a report to Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide against banks who fail to protect customers’ rights for credit card transactions.

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