More Proof That Welley Corporation Engages In Gangsterism and Intimidation

Bloody criminals will ally with their kind. Welley Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd further confirms its affiliations with the undersirables of society as informed to me by Jason Foo:

I came across your site while I was searching for more info about ‘Glotron’ – apparently, they paid me a visit around an hour ago. And within that hour, something unpleasant has happened to me.

I’m staying in the Cyberia apartments (which is located in Cyberjaya, next to MMU). And well, they did the same trick as always – first that kid was making a survey (which I played along), then he asked me to tear off their coupons. I did and ‘won’ a 500k worth of something, but I tore it off in front of his face. Next I asked him to get off.

Then minutes later, I was about to go out to deal with some stuff, when I saw them still hanging around. Being quite unhappy with them, I told them to get off as soon as possible before I call in the security. Well, they took flight on the staircase, and I followed them just in case. While in the process, they called in their backup.

Then, while downstairs, their backup arrived – and started to trail me. So I went to the carpark and waited for them there. Then one of them in a dirty pink shirt confronted me, pulled off his belt (eww yuck gay) then THREATENED to beat me up if I don’t apologize. Well, my umbrella was behind me (brought it just in case), but I wasn’t in the mood to get into a fight. So, I followed suit, and they left me.

Well, I’ve brought this to the attention of the other residents in Cyberia as well (we have our own Y! groups), and next I will have to report this to the Security division of Cyberjaya. And I thought that you might be interested in what happened to me, so I’ve typed this post to you and hopefully this as well will aid all of us in the fight against Welley Corporation and it’s wrteched sub-company, Glotron Marketing.

“Nemo me impune lacessit” – May those who provoked me escape not from punishment.

Thank you for your time to read what I have to say.

Well, thank you Jason for your feedback. You might consider proposing to your community’s Y! group members to start a neighbourhood watch system, focusing on criminals, especially of the Welley Corporation type that uses a seemingly legit front. These people should be driven out of our society. At the very least, we should chase them out of our township.

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