About Welley Corporation Watch

What Is Welley Corporation Watch

Welley Corporation Watch is a web site I’ve created to document my experiences with direct marketing scammers, Welley Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

I’ve been a victim of these scammers and decided to stand my ground and publicly expose Welley Corporation’s scams. In addition, I will assist, to all possible extent, victims of Welley Corporation scams.

Essentially, Welley Corporation Watch will have the following contents:

Help Welley Corporation Watch

You can help Welley Corporation Watch by:

  • Linking to us from your web site, blog or email signature
  • Emailing your friends and family members and telling them about Welley Corporation Watch
  • Contribute your experiences with scammers Welley Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
  • Provide information about Welley Corporation, especially in your area:
    • The address of their “office”
    • The names and phone numbers of their scamming “agents”
    • Pictures of Welley Corporation offices and staff

You can contact me through this email address: wijayawatch@gmail.com

Stand your ground! Do NOT let your friends and family members be scammed by Welley Corporation.

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